Dr. Sau Reviews and Testimonials

Very friendly and welcoming staff. Dr. Patrick is very knowledgeable and helpful. I've been suffering from lower back pain for the past 3 years and Dr. Patrick has really helped with managing my pain without any medication Alina D.
I have been much better than compared to the last few years. I had been going to a different chiropractor in town, but I'm definitely more satisfied now. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Patrick. Well worth my commute!Lucy K.
When being evaluated by Dr. Sau after I was involved in a car accident, he immediately recognized which joints were impinged from the accident. After four weeks of treatment, I am happy to say that I am almost back to full range of motion with my neck Brandon S.
Together with Dr. Patrick Sau, we worked on a treatment plan that was fast and effective. Dr. Sau got me back on the field with no pain in no time I'm so thankful for his work. Him and his staff were welcoming and professional would recommend to any who needs a chiropractor. Chole L from Yelp