Dr. Glynn Reviews and Testimonials

Amazing and professional staff, Dr. Brian was very skilled and attentive to my injuries and helped locate the problem and help fix mobility in my neck as well as my Lower back pain. Great place!Angel T.
Both Dr. Patrick and Dr. Brian are amazing, they really helped with my back pain! They were super friendly and the administration assistants were very nice.Thomas S.
Hands down the best chiropractic facility I've been to yet. They're always very accommodating to my schedule. The results have been proven with an x ray follow up I had after only two weeks of treatment. If you're looking to get your body right, visit this office. Dr Patrick and Dr Brian come Highly recommended. The entire staff are very pleasant to work with.Devin K.
Dr. Brian is great! I really used to have a fear of seeing a Chiropractor but he made this journey so easy for me. I will definitely be returning for future adjustments!Deanna V.