Chiropractic for Athletes

Many athletes benefit from seeing a sports chiropractor because it keeps them in peak condition without the use of drugs. Whether it’s during the season or in the off-season, sports medicine chiropractic care is becoming the competitive advantage that many athletes are now seeking. When your body is in better alignment, your nervous system is finely tuned, and all pistons are firing. This leads to better performance, fewer injuries and quicker recovery. This can be accomplished with the help of one of our sports chiropractors in Glendale and Pasadena.

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Beyond the Kinesio Taping Method, Glendale Family Chiropractic offers a number of techniques to help athletes remain in peak form. Each technique is customizable to the conditions present. In some cases, it may be to help an athlete recovery from an injury. In other cases, it may simply be to maintain good health.

The Complete Adjustment for Athletes is a system designed by Glendale Family Chiropractic to take an athlete through the acute phase of injury to the corrective strengthening phase. This system allows for the athlete to recover faster and function at higher level than she or he ever has through the expertise of two of the top sports medicine chiropractors Glendale has available.

Dynamic and static stretching techniques are used to help an athletic body maintain flexibility and strength. Static stretches are held at the resistance point of a muscle for about 20 seconds at a time. Dynamic stretches are done in motion, only hitting the muscle resistance point for a moment before continuing movement. Our chiropractors will make specific recommendations to athlete patients, helping them to maintain a proper routine.

Beyond these techniques, our chiropractors are well versed in athletic physique and how to keep it running well. The initial consultation will determine the correct treatment for the circumstances. So if you’re looking for a top sports chiropractor in Glendale, please call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation and find out how to optimize your body’s natural healing potential.

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