How to Manage your Toxic Load

American Heart Month reminds us to keep our internal bodies clean and identify any external toxic load that may affect internal health. Your environment can directly impact and affect the amount of toxic load in your body. External factors could cause elevated hypertension, stress, high blood pressure, or other internal and heart health problems. For […]

Core Exercises: 3 Easy ones to do at Home

How and Why to Strengthen Your Core You may think of strengthening your core or core exercises as a way to get washboard abs or a 6-pack. But your core muscles serve very important everyday functions for your body.  What is your core? Your core is “layers of deep muscles that help support your pelvis, […]

The Benefits of Journaling

The Benefits of Journaling Life can be hard to navigate sometimes. With social media we are more bombarded more than ever with information and ways to publicly share what we think or feel. There are numerous benefits of journaling. Journaling can help you to slow down and process your thoughts and feelings while improving your […]

What Sleep Position is Right For You?

Sleep Position Pros and Cons We sleep 8 hours a night on average, which equals about a third of our life. If our body isn’t in a good sleep position or we have a bad mattress or pillow, all those hours can wreak havoc on our body. We can end up with back and neck pain […]

Car Accident? See a Chiropractor

Why You Should See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident Car accidents, big and small, are sometimes a part of life. If you get in an accident—even a minor fender bender—it’s important to get your body examined just as you would examine your car. Just because you may not have broken bones or dislocated a […]

Do You Need to See a Chiropractor?

Who Needs Chiropractic Care? If you think chiropractic care is something just for adults with chronic back or neck pain, think again. Everyone can benefit from seeing a chiropractor regularly. Why Chiropractic Care is for Everyone Chiropractors treat a range of patients, from newborn babies to 90-year-olds. Based on age and condition, we tailor how we adjust […]

What Do Chiropractors Specialize In?

Subluxation: What Chiropractors Do and Why It Matters When you think of a chiropractor you may think of someone who deals with your neck and back. If you’ve been to the chiropractor, you may be familiar with having pressure applied to those areas and having your neck or back move or sometimes “crack.” But what […]

Healthy Holidays: Cold and Flu Season Tips

Prevent and Treat Cold and Flu Symptoms Naturally Fall and winter are often known as the holiday season, but they are also the beginning of cold and flu season. This season can last from early December to February or March. Between weather changes, holidays, events, traveling, and gathering with family and friends, it can be […]

The Power of Eating Together as a Family

The Power of a Family Meal Time One of the best ways of countering the negative influences that constantly bombard our children is to plan a family meal time. This simple act creates a bond among family members. It helps children process and deal with the demands placed on them by friends, teachers and the […]

What is Foam Rolling & How to Use a Foam Roller

Foam Rollers – Self Massage Tool for Tight Muscles Foam rollers have long been used by physical therapists and professional trainers to help their clients either achieve better performance or to aid in rehabilitation. More recently, foam rollers have gained popularity among those of us who simply want to work out the kinks after a […]